Five from the island

I don’t really see the point of birthdays. What do they mean? That you managed to not die for X years. Congratulations, you are still alive (but, why? I mean, oh gods, why?!). I got a budget of 50€ which I was free to allocate for presents myself. In my opinion, the best solution because that way I know what I get will be something I want. Screw surprises. I’m too old for that. (See what I did there?) So I asked Neil, the Brit I know, to keep an eye open for a number of games, of which he got me four for 34 pounds and a fifth one he threw in as a present. What a nice guy. Of these five games, three were only published in Germany censored and one not at all. What is next? You know it.

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Althir’s Big Day

He’s not online on Steam and I believe it’s already midnight where he lives, so: happy birthday, Althir!!

Sorry, pal, I didn’t make you a comic – but I am working on my big big super secret project, and I’d like you to take a look at it once you can, if that’s okay. You’ll be the second person in the world to see it! Maybe it’ll be really famous sometime and you’ll have that merit.

My egotism aside, have a good birthday!

PSD Issue #02

As with the last one, EFM gets it some hours earlier. Consider yourself blessed.

Also, as opposed to all previous PSDs, including the old series, I seem to be forming a coherent plot, the next episode of which is already in my mind. To the drawing board!

Passive Self-Destruction

Back in the day when today was the future and this computer would have been highest of ends had it existed, I made comics. Not particularly memorable and I actually only learned to edit them in GIMP after a few episodes – the first two or three are literally Paint-edited, though even then I tried to make it look at least clean, as opposed to many other “noobs” who apparently gave not a single shit. Unfortunately, all of these comics seem to be lost except the last few, which I made long after the series actually ended. Well, here it is again, new and improved!

Not too fun fact: My behaviour pissed off Mythos good, who kindly offered to make Hkjgh’s skin for me. Sorry again.

I do not intend to do this on any kind of regular basis, but every once in a while when I think I found something to make a comic about. I also won’t name them anymore, as the numbers will be their identifiers from now on. I only did that for the few that were between the end of the original series and the beginning of this one anyhow. That’s been less than half a dozen and only two more if you count the ones that aren’t technically PSDs.

Fun fact: Despite the name, PSD has never been edited in Photoshop and as a result never saves as a .PSD file.

Anatomy of a Glitch

There is a glitch in Dead Space. Another one than the Marker thing I mentioned earlier (which isn’t even technically a glitch). This glitch involves carrying an object called “Peng” (a small statue) through chapter 11 to duplicate it and thus collect money in truckloads (each and every one of them is worth 30,000 Credits). While I was exploiting the glitch to “earn” the achievement Maxed Out (yeah, judge me), I realized how exactly the glitch worked. Continue reading

SUBPRIME: Collected Edition

Hello again!

In case you want something more than JPEG files for your comic reading experience, I have gone to the trouble of making a PDF version of SUBPRIME.
Besides the entirety of the comic as it was always meant to be read, it includes five page of extras, listed below:

  • Two alternate covers for the comic;
  • An exclusive look at an unused “Overwatch Alyx” skin;
  • Two unused pages from the first version of the comic, dated 2010.

It’s not much, I know, but hopefully it’s enough to warrant your interest in checking this version.

Right-click > "Save Link As..."

Let me know if you’ve read SUBPRIME in this form, and whether you liked it or not.


Well, here it is, folks. After a few months of hiatus and a few more weeks of waiting, SUBPRIME is finally complete.

This is slightly shorter than Episode One and, as such, the shortest part of the comic, but hopefully you’ll enjoy it all the same. Remember, though, this comic was meant as one story and not three separate parts, so this is more an epilogue than anything else.
As for whether there might be a continuation… perhaps. If I get the idea for a new storyline in this alternate universe.

Enough babbling, I guess. I hope you enjoy it.

Let me know what you think in the comments section, please.

As usual, this will be available elsewhere tomorrow. EFM readers get this as an early exclusive. Also, a PDF version collecting the three issues will be available soon. It won’t be just the comic, though; it’ll have exclusive content, including a look at a never-before-seen Vance Subprime model and the original test pages for the comic that inspired the cover.