A test run

You may have noticed that my Xbox 360 – Reviews do not always contain… valuable information for those who ponder getting the game. Thus I created a separate blog, which as of this moment is not open to the public, where I’ll properly review games. Made up a rating system and everything. So, to test how well I do reviewing, here’s my first one, so I’d like some feedback on where I failed and how I can improve:

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I’m probably the last person on the planet to do this

And I won’t even write a proper introduction. This post is going to be long enough without one. In short, got a new game. Here’s your review.

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A Gift


Here, you’re welcome.

What is this? Well, the first one to enter this code at xbox.com will be blessed with a Gears of War 2 map pack – the Flashback Pack – which I can’t use because the code is invalid in Germany. I tried everything in my power, including accessing the website from an actual British computer in England, the code won’t work. Yes, I bought Gears 2 used. But the code was on a card with the silvery crap still covering the code so I am absolutely certain it’s not been used yet. I do not know if it will work for anyone who is not in the UK, but it won’t work from Germany so don’t bother wenn du das hier verstehst.

Again, go to Xbox.com, sign into your profile, select “Redeem Code” and enter it. Alternately, you can do this from the Xbox dashboard.

Update: The code was used. And he who did it was kind enough to thank me. Amazing.

The Chain Saw is back… with a vengeance!

Or something like that. Erp. Recently I received a parcel from Britain. Inside were two chocolate bars of a brand unavailable in Germany and, more importantly (and also unavailable in Germany), Gears of War 2.

The good: Chain saw gun. Chain saw duels. One boss can only be defeated with chain saw duels!

The odd: Dom has a wife. And she is lost. So he misses her. For literally half the game he whines about nothing else. Sounds like an attempt to humanize the character. And in the end, it works.

The bad: Every. Single. Time. You start the game, you have to wait for a while which feels like an eternity while it claims to update the network settings. Which have not changed in the least since the last thirty times it updated them. Arghl.
Also, which is a major pissoffness on my part, the game shipped with a DLC code for a mappack. Which is invalid in Germany because the game is banned here.

I also noticed a trend: Gears had A. Carmine. He was a fellow Gear and the only one who wore a helmet. He also didn’t last long, was sacked in the first act. GearsĀ  2 has his (younger?) brother B. Carmine. Who also wears a helmet. And, surprise, he’s also sacked, albeit later on. Don’t get too attached to the Rook, mate. As I was told, Gears 3 has C. Carmine, who also wears a helmet. I don’t know how his story ends, but if history is any indication…

Also, Horde mode. Fuck yes. It’s you and your teammates against neverending waves of enemies. I approve.

Rating: Recommended!
I mean, holy crapness.

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Sadly, every single title I could think of would be seen as a quote from Top Gun.

I haven’t even seen Top Gun. Nor do I want to. But they put this one line in the ads every time when the film is on TV.

After the disaster that was Dead Space in German (I elaborated back in that review so I won’t rattle it down again), I swore to never ever ever buy anything per Games on Demand ever again. As you can probably tell simply by me explicitly pointing this out, I did it anyway. This time it was Need for Speed: Most Wanted, which would be my oldest Xbox 360 – game now were there not also Monkey Island 2, which probably even predates quite a few of those who read this text. Just like DS, Most Wanted only came in German – which I loathe – and French – which I do not speak. But fortunately it automatically selects German for me rather than displaying a menu with French pre-selected, that can only be influenced by the D-Pad and defaults to French after just a few seconds. Damn you, Visceral! Where was I? Oh, yeah. Continue reading

Scanography (I hope I made that word up)

I had need for a scanner a few days ago, so I brought it up from the basement. When it’s work was done, I had an idea. An awful, awful idea. Then I discarded that idea and instead did something that would be SFW.

Yes. That is a sonic screwdriver.


Update 9/9/11: As it turns out, I did not make that word up. It’s an actual word and describes exactly what you see above, even has a Wikipedia entry. Heh. Totally coincidental.

It’s Magic! Well, not really. But you get the idea.

I did not remove any supporting structures via PhotoShop. Because I don’t have Photoshop. But that is not the point, for I haven’t used GIMP either. This is what my stack of games really looks like right now. How?

The lowest one, Halo: Reach. It’s not Halo: Reach. In fact, there is no game inside it and it isn’t even an Xbox 360 – cover. I cut a hole in the side of the cover and secured an L-bracket inside with double sided tape. The bracket I screwed to the wall. Done. It’s easy and quick, not to mention it looks quite badass. For added effect I printed the box art for Halo: Reach and put it in.

Why double sided tape? Because I only had to make the cover stay in place, all weight is on the bracket anyway.

I got the idea from Achievement Hunter. Jack even made a “Behind the Scenes” video explaining how the thing works. This was extremely cheap to make: Provided you have the cover (broken disc, maybe?) it’s just the bracket(s) and a few screws.

Here’s Jack’s video on the subject, shows what it looks like without games stacked on it.

They have multiple stacks, each of which is a lot higher than mine up there. Holy crapness.

Fun fact: Fallout: New Vegas lets you decide who is the good guy and who is the bad guy. This leads to a couple of different ending scenes depending on your choices. There is no choice that will not screw someone over. Because even virtual life just ain’t fair.