Introducing EFM

I am pleased to finally announce the opening of Entertainment Frenzy Media, a brand new site with the purpose of providing articles and content for the entertainment of our readers – that is, you!

EFM has been a little pet project of mine during the past Summer – I’ve been adding pages, creating widgets, and even making content since July, to prepare for this moment. I’ve also tried to recruit some staff members to provide more fresh content for the site – right now, the EFM Staff is composed of me, Looshkin, and SIN. They’re old friends, and I’m hoping they’re as excited and interested in the site as I am.
This new site is intended as both a brand new endeavor, and a continuation of previous efforts. We were previously members of Phenomena on Break, a small but motivated website dedicated to the Garry’s Mod community; as such, we’ll continue some of those established ideas, such as the creation of comic books using GMod, or delivering content for the game. Obviously, we’re just starting off, so it’s still a little empty, but we’re eager to grow!
Besides the orientation to Garry’s Mod, we’ll also be writing various articles on multimedia entertainment – stuff such as reviews and opinions on games, movies, television series and comic books. That way, the site will always have dynamic updates to keep you engaged.

If you’re interested in this new site and want to support us, we’d be thankful if you subscribed to updates by clicking the “Subscribe” button on the bottom of the page, or entering your e-mail address if you don’t have a WordPress account. That way, you’ll get regular updates on new posts in the site!

Thank you for reading, and I hope you’ll stay tuned for further updates!
– Mythos, Creator of EFM