EFM Comics is our brand of comics created using Garry’s Mod; it’s used to denote official material from the EFM staff, and, hopefully, will serve as a seal of quality to help readers distinguish our comics from other authors’.
While our staff might also choose to share their creations in public forums for your viewing pleasure, this page is an archive of their comic creations, allowing you to search and read the increasing number of available comics. Some of our comics are available in downloadable PDF format, customized for high quality print. You’re welcome to print our comics for your reading pleasure, but please do not redistribute them in printed form; if you wish to share any of our comics with other people, it would help us if you would relay the URL instead.

Author: Mythos
View image | Download as PDF
A heartfelt and humorous homage to the Garry’s Mod subculture of comic makers that surfaced in 2005.

Authors: Looshkin & Mythos
Issue 1: View image | Download as PDF
Written by Looshkin, Prologue to History focuses on the misadventures of his eponymous character and his nemesis-turned-ally Mythos, who find themselves in a conspiracy that may or may not be only in their heads.

Author: Mythos
Episode One: View image
Episode Two: View image
Episode Three: View image
Download Collected Edition as PDF
A “What if?” story set in an alternate Half-Life 2 universe where Alyx Vance was captured by the Combine and brainwashed to become a part of Overwatch.

Author: Lt_Commander
Issues 1-4: View post
Set in the period between Half-Life and Half-Life 2, as the Combine is still settling its Earth empire, Lou Collins: Man of War follows the tale of Lou T. Collins, an arms industrialist who discovered that Humanity’s worst catastrophe is his best business opportunity.

Author: Althir
Sneezing: Part 1 | Part 2
PSD: Snark
PSD: Pondering
A collection of Garry’s Mod comics made by EFM member Althir.

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