Garry’s Mod


What is Garry’s Mod?

A screenshot from Garry's Mod, exemplifying the use of the built-in "Camera" tool.

Garry’s Mod, usually abbreviated as ‘GMod‘, is a stand-alone sandbox game, created  originally as a modification of the award-winning Half-Life 2 videogame.
There are no goals in Garry’s Mod – the player is given a set of tools to manipulate the environment, constructed using the robust physics of the game’s Source engine, and can choose to entertain him or herself in any way. For instance, players can choose to build contraptions, join a role-playing server where they assume a certain role in a fictional world, clash with Half-Life 2‘s array of non-playable characters (NPC’s), or pose “ragdolls” – inert character models from the game – using the Physics Gun to create elaborate scenes, and then capture them as a picture with the Camera tool.
Garry’s Mod can be bought on Steam, a free game platform created by Valve Software. It requires another Source engine videogame, such as Counter-Strike: Source or Team Fortress 2, to work.



Garry’s Mod in EFM

Many of the authors in EFM are long-time members of various Garry’s Mod communities; as such, one of the focus of the site is to provide good custom content to GMod players, and use the game’s tools to create entertainment for everyone.
The flexibility of the game’s physics engine and tools available for posing characters, as well as our experience creating new models and ‘skins’ – new appearances for existing models -, also allow us to tell diverse stories using these characters. Using image editing software, we’re able to create comics, which we’ll make available for your reading pleasure. As the site grows in scope, we’ll also be looking into ways of creating machinima with Garry’s Mod, although, as of now, it’s not one of our priorities.
For Garry’s Mod players, we provide catalogs of maps and models to contribute to your enjoyment of the game. Eventually, we might also add custom Lua creations, if there is sufficient interest.

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