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Still Alive (and Kickin’)

Whew! Long time no see! I realize I let this place die down, but it never really had a goal to begin with. It started with an attempt to get a fresh start for a group that had already parted ways and it took only two days to figure that aim wouldn’t work, so afterwards it just sort of stayed here, with no purpose whatsoever. Still, its small size meant that there were no bad moments and it actually brought some good ones, such as getting to know Althir better and collaborating with Lt_Commander, so I’m happy knowing EFM, however insignificant, existed.
Still, there’s always that time when you realize you have to move on, which I had for this place a while ago, but I’m coming back to bring it some closure, anyway – and to make an announcement of sorts. See, I began this place to continue doing GMod comics, and while that didn’t really work, I managed to gather enough motivation in the last few months to work on something that was meant for this place back in early 2011.

Yes siree, despite the fact that there’s a handy machinima tool for the Source engine and the genre of comics is pretty much a dead fad, I’m still going on with those in my snail-like pace. Although you won’t have to wait too long to get this new one, as you can probably tell from the image.

In case you are interested in knowing who Hercule Cubbage is, or just want to follow me in another attempt at a blog, I’ll be opening a new place on time for the new comic. It’ll be found in this here URL thingy either as soon as tomorrow or as late as Saturday. I’m just going to clean it up a bit and get it ready for the opening, but it’s mostly good to go. So hey, if you can bother with it, keep your eyes peeled for that! It’s going to have an actual focus this time, so hopefully it’ll go better than EFM.

However, if you actually read this far but aren’t interested in keeping up with little ol’ me, then I suppose this is where I say farewell. Thanks for checking this place and all the best for your future endeavors, online or off!

The EFM logo that Lt_Commander kindly made, much better than my sappy first attempt. I never got around to using it, unfortunately, but here it is for our final goodbye.


First post of the year!

Just a heads-up, really: Althir is working on a project that I think you should take a look at.

Click here!

No, we’re not dead!

Just on a long hiatus. Sort of like a hibernating bear, but less cute and slightly less ferociously deadly.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year! We’ll see you in 2012.

I’m probably the last person on the planet to do this

And I won’t even write a proper introduction. This post is going to be long enough without one. In short, got a new game. Here’s your review.

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Scanography (I hope I made that word up)

I had need for a scanner a few days ago, so I brought it up from the basement. When it’s work was done, I had an idea. An awful, awful idea. Then I discarded that idea and instead did something that would be SFW.

Yes. That is a sonic screwdriver.


Update 9/9/11: As it turns out, I did not make that word up. It’s an actual word and describes exactly what you see above, even has a Wikipedia entry. Heh. Totally coincidental.

Five from the island

I don’t really see the point of birthdays. What do they mean? That you managed to not die for X years. Congratulations, you are still alive (but, why? I mean, oh gods, why?!). I got a budget of 50€ which I was free to allocate for presents myself. In my opinion, the best solution because that way I know what I get will be something I want. Screw surprises. I’m too old for that. (See what I did there?) So I asked Neil, the Brit I know, to keep an eye open for a number of games, of which he got me four for 34 pounds and a fifth one he threw in as a present. What a nice guy. Of these five games, three were only published in Germany censored and one not at all. What is next? You know it.

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Althir’s Big Day

He’s not online on Steam and I believe it’s already midnight where he lives, so: happy birthday, Althir!!

Sorry, pal, I didn’t make you a comic – but I am working on my big big super secret project, and I’d like you to take a look at it once you can, if that’s okay. You’ll be the second person in the world to see it! Maybe it’ll be really famous sometime and you’ll have that merit.

My egotism aside, have a good birthday!