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The Dark Knight Rises: Catwoman Revealed!

The official The Dark Knight Rises website has given us our first glimpse at Anne Hathaway’s Selina Kyle, commonly known in the comics as Catwoman:

For comparison’s sake, here’s what she looks like in modern comic books:

To be honest, the costume doesn’t really seem very cat-like to me, but, then again, Anne Hathaway’s character has never been referred to as “Catwoman” in official press releases, just Selina Kyle. And a costume doesn’t make a character, so it’s fine, as long as they do the character right.
It’s interesting that she’s driving the Batpod from The Dark Knight, though; that means she’s in league with Batman. That gives credence to the theory that Selina is not a cat burglar like in the comics, but rather a new vigilante replacing the absent Batman.

Some people have been arguing why the inclusion of Catwoman in such an already-crowded movie might not be a good call. Well, the feeling I get is that both Selina Kyle and Miranda Tate – whom some people think is Talia al Ghul – represent the two facets of Bruce Wayne, and the choice that he must make. On one hand, we have Selina, a fellow vigilante who gives him the chance at a life as Batman that Rachel Dawes never did. On the other, there’s Miranda, a member of Wayne Enterprises who only Bruce Wayne could be with. I get the feeling that this movie is all about Bruce making the ultimate choice between being the legend or the man, and these two love interests metaphorically represent that.


Comics and YOU – “Pacing and Speech Bubbles”

Phew, this was fun. Definitely one of the most text heavy comics I’ve done, weighing in at around 900 words. Continue reading

ArGeBee #2

When I told Steve about the first one, on the fly I came up with three more ideas. This is not one of them.

ArBeGee #2

ArBeGee #2

And after I was done I realized Bernard was still deep blue from the first one. Hehe. However, recent discoveries in the field of GIMP make it particularly easy to edit this (I mean custom palettes, something I have never used until very recently) and the render time for each frame is approx. 40 to 50 seconds. Point being, this is easy to make. So I might make more. And as time goes by, maybe the characters will stop looking so stiff. Hehe.

As opposed to the first one, this has nothing to do with personal experience, for I never had a dead pixel. Unsurprisingly, I am in fact checking my screen for any as I type this. There is a moth of the wall. Now there is a dead moth on the wall. Hehe.

And a little contest: The first one to identify the song Gerard is playing gets to guess what Wikipedia article I used for the screenshot in the last panel! (Or you can just… guess both right away. I suck at making contests, don’t I?)

In unrelated news: This is post #42! All hail the Douglas Adams!


Today’s comic is, partially, based on a true story.



The only actual difference between real events and the comic is that I only resized a partition, rather than formatting. Oh, also to my knowledge my monitors do not contain man-shaped, sentient pixels.

Thought I’d try something new – and here it is! Idea came when experimenting with shaders. The speech bubbles were improvised, as a classic arrow indicating who speaks would either obstruct parts of the image (bigger parts than usual, I mean) or, by placing the bubbles differently, make it confusing as to who speaks when. Since the characters can clearly be distinguished by colors, this approach is both suitable and easy to understand.

In other news: The Duke. He’s real. I didn’t think it would happen.

Lou Collins: Man of War

Oh wow, garrysmod comics?


I have here a set of comics that have been a work in progress for me. They represent more or less all the comic making energy I’ve put forth since January. The story follows the not-so-canon adventures of Louis T. Collins in the Half-Life/ Half-Life 2 universe, set almost completely in the roughly 20 year gap in the story between the two games. Because I have a planned between 9 and 15 small comic length stories in the entire saga, I decided to release them as I make them. Until now, I felt they were a little too bare-bones to be released as a comic, but with my 4th “Issue” I figure it’s time to call it my main story, at least until I revisit Continent 4 or Star Trek: Intrepid, my two other flagship series.

And that’s it for the comic for now. I’ll post more updates as they come.

As a sort of exclusive, I decided to give a small biography to Lou Collins, one that will be eventually fleshed out in comic form, but I feel help in understanding the motivations for his actions.

Louis Collins is, at his core, an arms dealer. Born in 1976, the climate of the 21st century world he came to power in is slightly different then our own, a post “Black Mesa Incident” environment where headcrabs and bullsquid roam the now abandoned suburbs. Although he has done some things you’d expect from arms dealer, like fueling African wars and supplying both sides, he’s most known for making military grade weapons available to the average American citizen, after the advent of portal storms. Although controversial, his practices made him both rich and famous. In Q1 2010, he was listed as a defense contractor or weapons supplier to at least 40% of all nations globally, his conglomerate was worth 170 billion USD, and was personally listed as #97 on the Forbes 400, making the cover of the 2003 edition.

After the war, he was put back into essentially the same position by the combine. Most of these comics deal with that, mostly by revisiting contacts and locations from before the war. The comic, more than anything, is about change and consequences. I hope the finished product will reflect that.

I was so very fricken bored…

…so I decided to play some more Halo 3 Multiplayer. One Team Slayer match, to be exact. Afterwards I thought hey, I did pretty well there (not dying a single time), so I took a look at the replay. Insane amounts of boredom in cooperation with even more boredom eventually resulted in this:

Ghost Chicken

Ghost Chicken

In case you don’t know: The name of the vehicle is “Ghost”. And the irony of the second to last panel just struck me. The image itself, I mean. Hehehe. This match got me an overall K/D-Ratio of .92, which is better than any PC shooter I ever played.


Hello there! Long time, no posting.

The second part of SUBPRIME, my latest comic, is on a development hiatus. Not because I’m lazy, not even because I’m too busy, simply because Garry’s Mod is still broken for me. Sorry about that, guys.
To help pass the time and ease your anxious suffering as you await this comic (kidding, of course), here’s a wallpaper version of the comic’s cover, in various sizes. I hope you like them!

Choose your Poison




In other, more interesting news, fellow (but oft-absent) EFM member Lt_Commander is releasing parts of a new comic on Facepunch. I highly recommend you check it out, it’s pretty good. It’s called “Lou Collins: Man of War“.