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WoW Cataclysm Preview #1

WARNING: This preview does contain spoilers, if you do not wish to know about the content written about because you are waiting for Cataclysm to come out, go look at the purdy comics.

To start the ball rolling, I’ll be looking at old content which is going to be updated, namely the old instances, and today we start with Shadowfang Keep. For years those of us playing WoW have battled our way through the Worgen infested halls and swiftly brought an end to Arch-Mage Arugal’s reign of terror. Whether we did this as a low level character, managed to get a boost, or simply farmed it, SFK (as it’s known in the WoW community) has been a stable instance, and provided some nice lore for the Warcraft world.

For those of you who don’t know, Shadowfang Keep was the home of Baron Silverlain, who controlled the land north of Gilneas (a major human nation). When the undead attacked the nearby city of Dalaran, Arch-Mage Arugal summoned the Worgen from another world to fight them off. His plan was successful, however the Worgen then turned on the people Arugal was trying to save. Stricken with grief, Arugal fled the city and took the Worgen with him, adopting them as his “children”. He took Shadowfang Keep as his own, and killed Baron Silverlain along with his soldiers and servants. Despite this Silverlain came back from the dead as a ghost and until Arugal’s death, taunted and mocked him constantly, which probably drove Arugal further into madness.

Arugal’s Worgen stayed with him, but they also left the keep, and they infected the nearby village of Pyrewood with the Worgen curse, and many of the villagers fled, spreading the curse further afield. This brought them to the attention of the Forsaken, a nation of undead who had broken from their former master and united to fight him. The Forsaken cleansed Shadowfang Keep, Arugal’s head was presented to their Queen, and that was the end of the matter.


Something stirs again in Shadowfang, despite the Forsaken destroying the Worgen in Silverpine Forest and razing the village of Pyrewood, some Worgen escaped and infected the nation of Gilneas, but that story is for another time. Needless to say, some Gilneans weren’t happy that the people were accepting the curse, and Lord Godfrey tried to stage a coup. This failed and he commited suicide. However, the Forsaken raised him back from the dead thinking him to be a new ally, but he turned against his would be saviours and fled to Shadowfang Keep, bringing his now undead soldiers and other undead who thought the same way.

And now, it’s time for Shadowfang Keep to be cleansed again, only this time, the tables are turned, with the Worgen leading the assault.

The new SFK is very interesting and adds to the instance’s lore. With new monsters patrolling the halls and new boss’s to face, SFK is fun for a low level group to run. As you see in the video, I fill in the gaps, make mistakes, do rubbish damage, and say “obviously” more times than I should.