Not Quite Stranded

I usually play Minecraft in order to build stuff. You know, put up a castle, build a drawbridge using a crapload of pistons, fail to get the wiring right, moving on to a different project.

The “different project” this time was surviving with the fewest resources in a place where I could not just go anywhere and get more. Time is in in-game days. Note that I used TooManyItems to give myself a few starting resources (most of which ended up fairly useless) and to change from Creative to Survival.

Day 0: After lengthy search, a suitable island was found. Pretty far from the spawn point, to my annoyance. Plenty red and yellow flowers, two trees, sand beaches and plenty of grass. I start my adventure with three pieces of white wool, six wheat seeds and a dozen torches.

An Island!

An Island!

Day 1: I punch the two trees into submission and plant saplings. From the wood I make a workbench, a pickaxe, a bed (which uses up my wool – there are no sheep or other NPCs on this island), some ladders and a pair of hatches. With my bare hands, I dig a hole into the ground, plant a torch and the bed, put some ladders on the wall leading to the hole in the ceiling, and close it off with a hatch.

Day 2: With some cobblestone and the last of my wood, I make a hoe and plant seeds along the shoreline. After punching a couple of shrubs it becomes apparent that I didn’t have to bring seeds, but I’d rather have some without needing them than the other way round. I expand my hole to get to some more cobblestone, with which I make a shovel, axe and a new pickaxe. The new trees grow, I cut them down. Meanwhile, my stomach notifies me that it is indeed empty. I need sustenance. But where to get? I failed to bring food, the wheat has yet to grow and I don’t have the resources to make a fishing rod. Luckily I find an apple in the oaktree’s leaves. Weird oak if you ask me.

Day 3: The drop rate for apples is hardly enough to keep me from starving, I need a better alternative. The wheat is still far from ready for harvest. So, I make a sword and in the evening wait for the monsters. Specifically, I am looking for a spider, so that I can make a fishing rod from it’s string. The first mobs to spawn are two skeletons and a creeper. I retreat.

Day 4: After getting up, I kill the one creeper that had spawned. Later that day I find a skeleton which had escaped the sun by hiding under a tree, of which there are now quite plenty. Still no string. But, I harvest my first wheat. Not nearly enough to bake bread, but a good start nonetheless. With a grumbling tummy, I grab my axe and cut down all the trees, hoping for another apple or two. In the end I have enough wood to build a fleet of ships, and indeed I find a single apple.

Day 5: All day long I watch the wheat grow. Which simply does not happen. Stupid wheat. Maybe it knows I want to eat it?

Day 6: With the wheat still reluctant to grow, I once more decide to go out there and fight me some spider. As the sun goes down, I enter the forest that had grown over the last two days because I couldn’t be bothered to cut down the big trees. And indeed, next to a zombie and yet one more skeleton, some vile, eight-legged creature with green glowing eyes approaches me. I kill the spider, it drops two strings – exactly what I need. Then I retreat, my work is done. A zombie bars the way to my hole. That would be it’s last folly.

Day 7: From some sticks and the strings I took off the spider, I make a fishing rod. As I approach the shore to catch me some fish, I see a zombie swimming out there. Floaty zombies! Is it my birthday? Well, no. But I still have a sword. When I finally get to cast a line into the water, I have two pieces of rotting flesh in my backpack. It smells bad, so I would rather not eat it. Instead I catch three fish. I build a furnace and first make some coal by slowly roasting a log of wood. With that I make eight more pieces of coal, and one of those eight pieces I use to roast my fish, and smelt some iron ore I found when I dug for cobble a few days ago. When walking around looking for saplings from decayed leaves, I find two apples. Yay!

Day 8: Finally, I am not starving anymore. The shore farm yields a half dozen pieces of wheat at once, which makes for two loaves of fresh bread. Awesome. Refreshed, I take my shovel and start digging a rectangular hole just north of the small forest that occupies most of the not particularly big island by now. The sun sets when I am done setting down stones to mark the wall.

Day 9: Before I continue building, I dig up some sand to smelt into glass. Every good house has glass windows and my iron (by now I have a grand total of four ingots) is not enough to make iron bars anyway. I build the house and carry my bed over to it’s new destination. The workbench and furnace I decide to keep in the hole, I might use that as a mine. I choose to make a bucket from three of my iron ingots, but I can only find two in my backpack… the other two are apparently still in the furnace down in the hole. Damn. The sun has set already, I’m not going out. Good night.

Day 10: After a light snack, I dig a hole next to my house. I make a bucket and carry water to that hole. Then I dig some more – in front of the house, I make a proper farm. The shore farm yields another four pieces of wheat and a whopping six seeds, which is not even enough to occupy a quarter of the new farm. I’m not going to plant more seeds on the shore farm, that’s too far away for a lazy guy like me.

Day 11: Temporarily independent of apples, I cut down a few trees without planting new ones. I’ll collect the saplings some other time. I also check the shoreline a bunch of times to see if some of the wheat is ready for havest, but sadly no.

Day 12: As I get up, three pieces of wheat are ready and also yield five seeds. Nice. My axe is kind enough to break while I am chopping at a big tree that casts a threatening shadow on my house. Luckily that happened while I was still on the ground, because soon after I find myself climbing high above the ground to get to the wood while all around me the leaves decay. This tree alone yields three apples. How lucky am I! I keep chopping down trees until the sun starts setting – in the end I have five apples. Well, four, I ate one already. Before I retreat inside for the night, I check the shore farm. That was a good idea, I now get to plant a grand total of eight new seeds in the land farm.

Day 13: I start the day by fishing. Five fish I catch. Pretty good, that should be enough for a while. My last resort, really – I don’t actually like fish. The shore farm has enough wheat for me that I can fill up the land farm with seeds now. Excellent. My situation is improving every day, I daresay. Another axe has the courage to break while I chop at a tree. I make a new one and, before I leave the house, I put the fish I caught into the furnace, hoping they’d be charred beyond recognition when I return in the evening. The chopping is rewarding: Another four apples drop. Now that I don’t rely on them. I grow suspicious: Someone is hiding from me and when I’m not looking, he hides apples in my oak trees. And he is clearly mocking me. The shore farm empties some more when I harvest another bunch of wheat. It appears to be in on the mockery: Evidently it is now growing faster than before.

Day 14: Since I don’t really have anything else to do, I continue chopping down trees. The idea of an underground mine becomes less and less attractive the more I think about it, so I guess I will make it an open quarry when I have the space. After my axe breaks yet again (one would really expect stone to last longer), I don’t feel like making a new one, so I finish the tree I was working on with well placed karate chops. The tree surrenders soon enough, and I realise that I actually have a fairly big clearing right there. My shovel breaks before I’m done digging the first level, so I make a new one. Which also breaks just before I’m done with the second level. I finish with my bare hands. The sun is once again setting already, a clear sign that I should make myself scarce. While digging the top layer, I tore out two roses. Planted them in front of my house. Maybe I’ll try to eat them later. Maybe not. I heard roses sting.

Day 15: With a new shovel, I dig a bit more. Just a bit, because one level deeper the stone already began. Oh joy! I was running out of stone already, this could solve some problem or another. But alas, my pickaxe hardly touched the stone when it broke. I must be a very bad smith if my tools break so easily. In my defense, I work with stone and wood. But, I found coal, so that’s good. I don’t like making charcoal. A lot of coal, really: I went in there with two fresh pickaxes and when I had unearthed all forty-six lumps of coal two or three levels farther down, I held nothing in my hands.

Still The Same Island!

Still The Same Island!

This is pretty much it. Aside from the fact that I have yet to find more resources in that mine, everything is fine. For one because I have a steady supply of food.

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