Linux isn’t perfect.

But then again, I never claimed it was. It’s imperfection is most apparent when trying to play Windows games, for obvious reasons: They are WINDOWS games. Duh. However, there’s been efforts to allow people to use Windows programs (and games) on Linux. These efforts are called Wine.

Why am I telling you this? Because in early August, my beloved friend Mythos gifted me a game on Steam. It was called Poker Night at the Inventory. And even though the long loading times were anticipated (It’s sort of normal for Wine programs), the lack of sound was a real punch in the crotch. And I don’t just mean there’s no background music: There was a complete and utter lack of any sound whatsoever. I tried a few things, but ultimately uninstalled it, leaving both me and Mythos unsatisfied.

However, after finally getting Team Fortress 2 to run on Wine (And I have to admit, it’s actually more fun than it was. My sincerest apologies, Valve), I bought the Tales of Monkey Island pack off Steam for about eight bucks (it was a 75% discount for Wednesday only). It runs perfectly, and since Tales of MI was made by Telltale… well, I installed Poker Night at the Inventory again. And even though I usually don’t review PC games, here’s one just for Mythos. I love you.

Poker Night At the Inventory


Well, it’s poker. Texas Hold’em, to be more accurate. You get your cards and then you bet. A pretty standard poker game as far as that goes. Were it not for who you are playing against, anyway: At the table also sit Max, the homicidal rabbit from Sam & Max Hit The Road and the Telltale made sequels, Strong Bad from Homestar Runner (which I don’t actually know, I looked it up), the Heavy Weapons Guy and, my personal favorite, Tycho Brahe from Penny Arcade. Yay!


Your four opponents come from four different franchises with distincly different graphical styles. Except for Tycho, they are all represented extraordinarily well, which in case of Max isn’t much of a surprise because, you know, Telltale made the only 3D games he appeared in. What’s wrong with Tycho, you ask? Well, since he’s a webcomic character, he’s essentially solid colours with an outline. And the outline… well, sucks. May just be Wine, or my computer in general, but… it just looks off.


The voices are fitting. However, again with the exception of Tycho. It may just be that I have read Penny Arcade so much that I gave Tycho a voice in my head and they don’t fit together very well, but just like the outline, it’s off.

There’s also subtle background music, nothing too annoying. That’s how background music should be.


Not that I know.


You point. You click. Fitting, since Max is from a point and click adventure and Telltale also made the Monkey Island sequels.


Not really, I think I’m done.

Final Rating:

  1. I’m glad you liked it!

    PS: Love you too, bro. Our bromance is unparalleled.

  1. December 16th, 2011

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