My Boring Reviews

A thing I do is writing reviews. Never had a real reason to do it, I just did. Occasionally wrote one whenever I felt like it, but when I got here, to EFM, I took the time to write short reviews on each and every Xbox game I got. Started with a very long post and a lot of short reviews in that one long post. Anyhow, I found these short reviews to have little content, they don’t address many aspects and for someone who considers purchasing a game, such a micro-review is practically useless. So I went ahead and made up a rating system that consists of more than two different ratings: A regular five star system where each of the major aspects is of equal value.

Another Blue Ribbon?

Then I made a new WordPress blog, because installing and setting up a full-on CMS is a lot of effort. Heck, I even chose a theme from the first page. The star image is however custom made. In Blender. I’m such a 3D guy. After a few setbacks when trying to figure out a couple of things, it’s finally going relatively well. I recently figured out how to force a line break, something not even Google could answer conclusively. Not important for posts, but for the category pages.

Speaking of categories, there’s distinct pages listing reviewed Xbox 360/Xbox LIVE Arcade/Indie/Xbox games as well as DLC. Now, aside from the 360 and XBLA section there’s only one entry for each category, but that’ll be fixed soon, since at the moment I’m aiming for a pace of one review per day – until I’m out of games, that is.

The blog, aptly named Althir’s Boring Reviews (In memory of my old blog, Althir’s Boring Blog) can be found here:

Erm, click me. If you want.

This does however not mean I’m leaving EFM – I don’t even intend to stop the short reviews. But I’ll probably post links to the full reviews along with them from now on. Anyway, ABR is pretty much just for Xbox related stuff, so anything that is not Xbox, such as the eventual third issue of PSD, will still come here. I’m mainly putting these somewhere else because I want them to be sorted properly, alphabetical and by platform, and Mythos denied me a “Reviews” section altogether a while ago. With a good reason though, so no hard feelings.

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