The Chain Saw is back… with a vengeance!

Or something like that. Erp. Recently I received a parcel from Britain. Inside were two chocolate bars of a brand unavailable in Germany and, more importantly (and also unavailable in Germany), Gears of War 2.

The good: Chain saw gun. Chain saw duels. One boss can only be defeated with chain saw duels!

The odd: Dom has a wife. And she is lost. So he misses her. For literally half the game he whines about nothing else. Sounds like an attempt to humanize the character. And in the end, it works.

The bad: Every. Single. Time. You start the game, you have to wait for a while which feels like an eternity while it claims to update the network settings. Which have not changed in the least since the last thirty times it updated them. Arghl.
Also, which is a major pissoffness on my part, the game shipped with a DLC code for a mappack. Which is invalid in Germany because the game is banned here.

I also noticed a trend: Gears had A. Carmine. He was a fellow Gear and the only one who wore a helmet. He also didn’t last long, was sacked in the first act. Gears  2 has his (younger?) brother B. Carmine. Who also wears a helmet. And, surprise, he’s also sacked, albeit later on. Don’t get too attached to the Rook, mate. As I was told, Gears 3 has C. Carmine, who also wears a helmet. I don’t know how his story ends, but if history is any indication…

Also, Horde mode. Fuck yes. It’s you and your teammates against neverending waves of enemies. I approve.

Rating: Recommended!
I mean, holy crapness.

And I also made a couple of purchases on XBLA. Namedly, two games. Here we go.

Trials HD

Motorcycle. Obstacle course. Frustration. It was down 50% so I went for it.

Rating: Recommended!
Frustration aside, it’s incredible. Then again, I bought it so that I would have something to frustrate me.

The Secret of Monkey F-ing Island: Special Edition

Monkey Island, I believe, needs no introduction. I’ve talked about it at great lengths before (mainly when comparing it to Pirates of the Caribbean) and the Special Edition is the exact same game with “better” graphics (they went for an entirely different style, hence the quotation marks) and the original voice actors from the third game on. Optional: Playing it with the original 1991 graphics, sounds and music. The controls are worse than on MI2:SE (wrote a review on that earlier) in that you can’t walk around with the left stick anymore and selecting an action is a hassle, but other than that it is the classic game that I played and loved, though not as much as LeChuck’s Revenge, since that came a whole lot earlier.

Rating: Recommended!
If you haven’t played Monkey Island yet, buy it. If you did, hell, buy it anyway.

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