It’s Magic! Well, not really. But you get the idea.

I did not remove any supporting structures via PhotoShop. Because I don’t have Photoshop. But that is not the point, for I haven’t used GIMP either. This is what my stack of games really looks like right now. How?

The lowest one, Halo: Reach. It’s not Halo: Reach. In fact, there is no game inside it and it isn’t even an Xbox 360 – cover. I cut a hole in the side of the cover and secured an L-bracket inside with double sided tape. The bracket I screwed to the wall. Done. It’s easy and quick, not to mention it looks quite badass. For added effect I printed the box art for Halo: Reach and put it in.

Why double sided tape? Because I only had to make the cover stay in place, all weight is on the bracket anyway.

I got the idea from Achievement Hunter. Jack even made a “Behind the Scenes” video explaining how the thing works. This was extremely cheap to make: Provided you have the cover (broken disc, maybe?) it’s just the bracket(s) and a few screws.

Here’s Jack’s video on the subject, shows what it looks like without games stacked on it.

They have multiple stacks, each of which is a lot higher than mine up there. Holy crapness.

Fun fact: Fallout: New Vegas lets you decide who is the good guy and who is the bad guy. This leads to a couple of different ending scenes depending on your choices. There is no choice that will not screw someone over. Because even virtual life just ain’t fair.

  1. Nice, although the picture could easily be a trick of perspective, too. That was my guess, anyway!

      • Althir
      • September 6th, 2011

      In a way, it is. If you look from the right angle you can see the bracket. The only bummer is that I don’t actually have Halo: Reach.

      • Retroactive continuity! Apparently you own it before you actually have it!

    • Gundam_mk2
    • September 6th, 2011

    Trick me for a moment… well done

    • Arctic Avenger
    • September 6th, 2011

    You mean… it’s not MAGIC? FORK YOU MAN! Next thing, you’re gonna tell me there is no easter bunny.

      • Althir
      • September 6th, 2011

      There was an easter bunny, way back. But then some hillbilly caught him in flagranti and decided he wasn’t gonna eat eggs that day.
      And Santa Claus died when he got stuck in a chimney. Poor fat bastard. The next day someone lit the fireplace.

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