Five from the island

I don’t really see the point of birthdays. What do they mean? That you managed to not die for X years. Congratulations, you are still alive (but, why? I mean, oh gods, why?!). I got a budget of 50€ which I was free to allocate for presents myself. In my opinion, the best solution because that way I know what I get will be something I want. Screw surprises. I’m too old for that. (See what I did there?) So I asked Neil, the Brit I know, to keep an eye open for a number of games, of which he got me four for 34 pounds and a fifth one he threw in as a present. What a nice guy. Of these five games, three were only published in Germany censored and one not at all. What is next? You know it.

Dead Space 2

Published in Germany, but censored

The first Dead Space scared the living crap out of me (yes, I know, I’m a girl) and still I couldn’t resist. Dead Space 2 makes the first one look like it was a proof of concept and now they got the game they were originally going for. Everything is much more polished, the control is a bit more fluent and the environments are somewhat less monotonous. Not to mention all the gorey gore of gore that will never leave you gore… erm… bored. The only real downside is that they changed the control scheme from the first game: X used to be Stasis, is now Reload (which was previously Aim+A), Y used to be the Inventory, is now Stasis and Back (Select for all you PlayStation people), which used to be the map, is now inventory. The changes make little sense, since a dedicated reload button is pretty much unnecessary in my eyes and you will probably at least once try to stasis a charging Slasher and instead reload your weapon while the Slasher proceeds to eat your face.

Magnitude of Censorship:
In multiplayer, there is no friendly fire. All gore was left untouched.

Rating: Recommended!
As a game it is even better than the first one, though it has an explicitly different atmosphere.

Fallout: New Vegas

Published in Germany, but censored

New Vegas plays almost exactly like Fallout 3. Which is not surprising – after all, it does use the same engine. Some changes include the reputation system, where some people may hate you or love you depending on what you did for or to their respective faction. The Mojave Wasteland is very big – from what I heard, just as big as the Capital Wasteland from Fallout 3 – and it contains many “villages” which can be independent or belong to any faction in the game. The main storyline involves the main character – The Courier – being shot in the head and left for dead in the town of Goodsprings and your objective is to avenge your near death and deliver what it was you carried. Or not, it’s up to you.

Magnitude of Censorship:
No blood or gore when facing humanoid enemies or nightstalkers, for whatever reason.

Rating: Recommended!
It’s very similar to Fallout 3, but to me the Mojave Wasteland is a whole lot more appealing than the Capital Wasteland, the character creation is quicker and it’s overall a bit more polished.


Published in Germany, but censored

You have weapons, slow motion and a lot of clones to shoot at. Oh, and a creepy little girl in a red dress which in an incredibly unforseeable plot twist turns out to be your zombie mother, but if you didn’t know that you probably were in a coma since 2005. In my opinion, the game plays great and the Xbox version actually has one additional weapon – dual SMGs. This ought to be some fun once I really get into it, but the new games obviously have a higher priority there.

Magnitude of Censorship:
No dismemberment or user fabricated blood textures

Rating: Recommended!
Shooting these clones to smithereens is still fun, even after almost six years since I first played it.

Gears of War

Not published in Germany

You have a chainsaw. Attached to your gun.

Rating: Recommended!
Chainsaw gun.


Published in Germany

The only game in this post that made it’s way to German stores without seeing the scissors. It tells the story of Tommy, a Native American who thinks Native Americans suck and when he and the casino he’s in get abducted by aliens he learns to channel his inner Indian to do all kinds of crazy stuff. On top of that, it features awesome gravity bending and portals – a year before Portal came along! Just like 3D Realms other shooter there, Prey has been stuck in development hell for eleven years (though with less media attention than the Duke) before being published in 2006 and hot damn it turned out well.

Rating: Recommended!
I would even have paid money for that game if I had to.

I bought F.E.A.R. a total of three times now. Five if you count Project Origin and F.E.A.R. Files. And I would buy it again if necessary. Heh. Anyhow, that’s it for now.

  1. I… I also got you a present, but… it didn’t work… it’s not my fault. 😦 I’m a nice guy, too…

      • Althir
      • August 29th, 2011

      It’s okay. I only review Xbox games anyway. On the PC you can be as nice as you want and none of the games will be reviewed. I just don’t do that.

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