The Dark Knight Rises: Catwoman Revealed!

The official The Dark Knight Rises website has given us our first glimpse at Anne Hathaway’s Selina Kyle, commonly known in the comics as Catwoman:

For comparison’s sake, here’s what she looks like in modern comic books:

To be honest, the costume doesn’t really seem very cat-like to me, but, then again, Anne Hathaway’s character has never been referred to as “Catwoman” in official press releases, just Selina Kyle. And a costume doesn’t make a character, so it’s fine, as long as they do the character right.
It’s interesting that she’s driving the Batpod from The Dark Knight, though; that means she’s in league with Batman. That gives credence to the theory that Selina is not a cat burglar like in the comics, but rather a new vigilante replacing the absent Batman.

Some people have been arguing why the inclusion of Catwoman in such an already-crowded movie might not be a good call. Well, the feeling I get is that both Selina Kyle and Miranda Tate – whom some people think is Talia al Ghul – represent the two facets of Bruce Wayne, and the choice that he must make. On one hand, we have Selina, a fellow vigilante who gives him the chance at a life as Batman that Rachel Dawes never did. On the other, there’s Miranda, a member of Wayne Enterprises who only Bruce Wayne could be with. I get the feeling that this movie is all about Bruce making the ultimate choice between being the legend or the man, and these two love interests metaphorically represent that.

    • Arctic Avenger
    • August 5th, 2011

    I’d like to make her purrr!

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