My new look

Hello there, guys. I’ve been back since yesterday, and I’ve been putting the finishing touches on something I’ve been attempting to do for a while now.

In our dear old Garry’s Mod comic communities, there’s a proud and long-standing tradition of having “personal skins” – i.e., an altered model meant to represent yourself in comics. These have ranged from the mundane, such as modifications of the default citizens of Half-Life 2 to have regular clothing, such as shirts or coats, to extravagant variants such as being a Vortigaunt or, disturbingly enough, a headcrab.
While I don’t always agree with the use personal skins get – most of the time, they’re turned into Mary Sue versions of the authors in self-starring comics (I shamefully admit that I myself can be blamed for doing that many times, although I’ve been mostly trying to mend my ways) -, I have always supported this initiative, and have made personal skins for a few people over the years. In fact, I’ve promised our good reader CJR a new skin, and I should really get to work on that. Sorry for the wait, man.
A lot of comic makers tend, or used to, update personal skins regularly, changing them as they saw fit according to varying tastes and trends – an example is our own member Lt_Commander, whom has made over ten versions of his own skin. Others have stuck with the same skin for a long time, some even retaining models created back in 2005 or 2006. I fit better on the latter group, seeing as I’ve used the very same skin DIN, a comic maker from ’07, with only minor modifications (plus an optional beard, which was a fun addition) since its début back in September 7, 2007, which was, fittingly enough, my very first appearance in a comic (and six days after the release of my very first). I did try to make a new skin back in 2009, but it was so bad I only really remembered it after I wrote that last phrase, so I don’t count it as a change.

Now, at one point, I decided to move away from the skin that DIN so friendly made for me with my specifications and create a new one. At first, I tried to do something new, but I just related so much with my first look that I considered it somewhat iconic as my representation, and, as such, dedicated myself to try and revamp it – make it both fresh and nostalgic, in a way.
That began last year. In the meantime, I made nine possible replacements. Some were closer to the original skin; others were clearly inspired, but nevertheless vastly different. At one time, I pondered on having two extremely similar versions for different purposes: one would be for serious stories (if anybody made them with personal skins, anyway, although I’m always tempted to do so), whereas the other would be for comedic or more fantastical stories. That didn’t stick, though, although it did bring another idea to the table that I’m still wanting to make.
Today, I finally settled on a skin. I showed it to some people and the reactions were very good, so I’m pretty confident in it. As such, I’ll soon be releasing an updated, “Mythos 2011” personal skin for use in comics, if you wish to have little old me get struck by an incoming train or something.

I’m not releasing it right now, though. Why is that, you ask? “Do you perhaps need time to hex the model?”, a fictitious and strangely interested reader ponders. Well, actually, I’ve hexed these skins over three times as I made them, and I have a very clean version ready, so the phase that most people call the hardest to accomplish has been done already. I just want to take my time and get another look at it, ponder how I’ll release it, whether I’ll add a bonus this time around (the last “Mythos Pack” had working NPCs, which were basically useless for anyone not interested in shooting me in the face, and pretty boring for those who did anyway), and make some pictures to showcase it. So, basically, this entire post is a big tease to something not a lot of people will care about, which is the most shameful self-promoting tactic I can imagine relating to personal skins. Uh, sorry?

Well, you’re not leaving empty-handed. If you’ve read through this torture until now, here’s a glimpse of the skin, just so you know it’s not identical to the old dusty thing we’ve had since 2007:

There’s still a lot of work to be done on this site, now that I think of it. The Models/Skins section is empty (and, with a talented skinner being a part of the group, that’s really bad marketing), the Comics section has yet to be updated… ah well. I should just make a checklist of things to do and update the blog as I do them, no?

Oh, also, voice your opinions on the comments, if you’d like. It’s appreciated, though I’m not changing my mind about it now!

    • Arctic Avenger
    • August 3rd, 2011

    About your skin. The word “batman” comes to mind.

    • Hasn’t it always? It always had a crow image as a symbol. I just made it more stylized.

    • CJR
    • August 3rd, 2011

    Looks pretty cool…

    • I’m glad you like it! Don’t worry, man, yours is next. Sorry for the wait.

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