These Isles must have a cold.

In what can only be described as pure genius, I talked a friend of mine to give me his second Oblivion Disc, which includes two DLCs, Knights of the Nine and Shivering Isles. Granted, it has no downsides for him either as the discs don’t require you to enter a code, but still, this way, over five years since I first started playing Oblivion, I finally got to play Shivering Isles (and also get the last 250G Oblivion had to offer) and Knights of the Nine. Yay? Yay! You know what follows. It always follows.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion – The Shivering Isles

SI adds a whole new continent to the game – the titular Shivering Isles – which can be accessed at any time through a door which mysteriously appeared in the Niben bay. The guy who reigns over this continent is Sheogorath, the daedric lord of madness. In his daedric quest in the main game, it rains burning dogs, so you can kind of see where this is going. Over the course of the main quest line, you get to do all kinds of stuff for Sheogorath, including killing one of the counts in a rather gruesome manner (you get to choose which one) and driving three adventurers insane. Ultimately, as is usual in Oblivion quest lines, you become the leader of the faction – the successor to Sheogorath. Spoiler? Oh, come on. If you played any Oblivion, ever, you knew this was coming.

The DLC also adds new sets of armor and weapons, which include the single best items in game, even exceeding the daedric variations. If I can find enough madness ore (yes, that is what it is actually called) I’ll get me a full set of that.

The Shivering Isles are, by all means, completely insane (and rightfully so), but not particularly shivering. The new monsters which live there are certainly disturbing – some of them, anyway – and drop new loot such as daggers and various ingredients.

Rating: Not really.
It is, without a doubt, very good. But I would never have bought it for one simple reason: They charge 2400 MSP for it, which roughly translates to 30€ and that is twice as much as I paid for the game. If you can get your hands on it for a reasonable price, though, feel free to get it.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion – Knights of the Nine

When you install this plugin, someone wreaks havoc in the chapel of Anvil. You go there to investigate, briefly become a pilgrim and during all this you keep thinking “Damn this is religious, good that it’s not christianity” – well, that’s what I thought anyway. Your mileage may vary. Knights of the Nine only adds this one quest line, but while you’re on it you actually get a pretty awesome enchanted set of armor, the armor of the crusader, which has the same resistances as daedric armor – but with enchantments! Small downside though: If your infamy is higher than 1, you can’t wear it. Luckily, your pilgrimage wipes all infamy off your stats screen.

Rating: Playable.
The quest line is not all too thrilling and contains a lot of walking and walking and eh. Plus, no achievements, for those who care.


In entirely unrelated news, it’s only six days to Wacken and that is awesome.

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