Well, where to begin.

First of all, hooray, vacations! Man, let me tell you, I really needed these this year. I finally got to catch my breath and rest a bit – which is pretty much the reason why it took me one week to make this post, hehe.
Second, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my good friend Althir, the one person who’s been dedicated to this blog and really kept it alive. Without him, I’d have given up already – so, thank you, buddy!

That said, let’s get down to business.
Sure, we don’t get a lot of visitors, but I’m sure one or two of you remember that, back in my birthday, I released the first part of a comic called “SUBPRIME”. That was four months ago. The second part is still coming and I’m putting some work into it, so don’t worry, I’ll finish a comic for once. Depressingly enough, it’s the only comic I’ve done all year – I realize I was never known in Garry’s Mod circles for being the most active comic maker, but it still bothers me that, when I finally decided to step up, life (and a major GMod bug that prevented me from doing stuff for a while) got in the way.
Speaking of comics, I’ll also get around to update the Comics page, most likely today, in fact. Althir and Lt_Commander have both provided some good stuff that is yet to be put there, so, now that I have the time, I’ll go ahead and update the list for your viewing pleasure.

As I said, finishing comics is not exactly my strongest suit, and, for that, you have my apologies. Still, I do have some plans for the future, whether it’s on this little blog or just in a forum near you, and, if I may, I’d like to give you a little tease of something that may, or may not, come to fruition.

Only a few people know what this is about. One of them is Althir, but I’d like him not to spill the beans, seeing as I want to keep this very close to heart. Maybe it’ll never come to be… but it’s one comic I’d like to make sometime. Let’s cross our fingers.

I had some more stuff I meant to mention, but I think I’ll leave this like that. Expect more regular updates, even if they’re not new comic releases. I hope you’ll stick around to see what we intend to do!

    • CJR
    • July 22nd, 2011

    Ooh, it’s what looks like a Half-Life themed comic… Get busy, Mythos! I order you! :o)

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