More Pixels! More! I said MORE!

A few days ago, it was a Thursday, the TV downstairs was unused for a change. Doesn’t happen too often, take my word for it. Seeing as though I was, as per usual, bored and that particular TV is one hell of a FullHD monster, I took my Xbox down to the living room and tried to play some Need for Speed. Then some Halo 3. Then some Portal. Then some Half-Life 2. One thing became perfectly clear: It sucks. The image quality is absolutely stunning, but that TV has about half a second of delay (really? I mean, seriously?), which makes it entirely unsuitable for gaming.
Several things, among them the fact that the on screen text in Burnout Paradise can under no circumstances be read on an SD Television, led me to google. But first I looked on Amazon for cheap HDTVs. The one I found was 130€. Then I googled for which cheap HDTV would be suited for the Xbox. Stumbled upon many a forum discussion. Considered. Calculated. Went back to Amazon. Hesitated a moment. Considered the advantages over the disadvantages. Ordered. It arrived today and thus here’s a review on it. I know it’s not a game, but considering that this is pretty much vital to gaming nowadays (because, let’s face it, SD is very much dead) I’ll still do it.

Xbox 360 VGA Cable

Yeah. What did you think? That I bought an actual television set? I don’t exactly have that much money at my disposal, so… sorry, no. That cable allows me to hook up the Xbox to my 22″ LCD monitor. Which unfortunately doesn’t support FullHD (it’s native and thus highest supported resolution is 1680*1050), but you can actually choose many resolutions in the menu and 1360*768 sounds odd but actually works well and is most definitely better than the 768*576 I get on my TV. 768*576… who the hell even thought that up?

The cable connects the Xbox to both the monitor and, via an adaptor which I had made earlier out of a few cables, with the Microphone port on my computer. The audio is thus coming from the PC speakers. Which is neat.

So, my Halo 3 K/D-Ratio rose back to 0.90 (yes, I know. I suck.) and I can finally get through the gap in road blocks in Need for Speed without guessing. The image quality is outstanding.
One small perk: As my monitor has both a DVI and a VGA-Port, it’s just a few clicks in the monitor internal menu to switch between Xbox and PC.
Rating: Recommended!
For 11€ it is a cheap and extremely satisfying alternative to an expensive HD television set.

If you want a review on an HD TV, buy me one and I’ll write it for you. I mean it. If you dare to buy me a high definition TV, I will personally write a review on it for you.

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