I was so very fricken bored…

…so I decided to play some more Halo 3 Multiplayer. One Team Slayer match, to be exact. Afterwards I thought hey, I did pretty well there (not dying a single time), so I took a look at the replay. Insane amounts of boredom in cooperation with even more boredom eventually resulted in this:

Ghost Chicken

Ghost Chicken

In case you don’t know: The name of the vehicle is “Ghost”. And the irony of the second to last panel just struck me. The image itself, I mean. Hehehe. This match got me an overall K/D-Ratio of .92, which is better than any PC shooter I ever played.

    • Gundam_mk2
    • June 6th, 2011

    Well i guess players just love to run towards moving object.
    And weird scoring board, its missing the names.

      • Althir
      • June 6th, 2011

      No it isn’t. Well, it usually is not. I removed the names.

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