I! Made! A! COMIC!!!

Herp motherfucking derp. It’s not a GMod-Comic though. I figured why not do something different for once? I mean, it worked before. I made comics in F.E.A.R., in Blender and even plain GIMP. So this is something new: Theater mode.

Red vs. Red

Red vs. Red

Everything you see – except the comic stuff such as panels and text – is ingame. The Halo 3 engine is gorgeous. And the  screenshot uploading feature is great. Making this was quite a pain in the rear though, as I had to move two characters in place with one gamepad and one guitar hero guitar – which lacks the basic walking controls, in other words, the left analog stick. Shoved the poor guy all the way to the center of the map for most of the shots. Luckily, he already spawned in the base.

And yes, the title is a pun. A bad one. I’m sorry.

  1. Aw, so this was why you needed the texture? You wanted to make it in GMod? Sorry, I forgot, and I was too tired of editing stuff anyway. :/

    Anyway, great little comic. The banter made me laugh!

      • Althir
      • May 23rd, 2011

      Ah, no big deal. Halo 3 looks better than Source with Halo 2 models anyways. Also, I don’t have all the Halo 3 maps in Gmod (obviously).

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