Educational value?

Education, anyone?

The Beewolf (awesome name) feasts on nectar and thus is mostly harmless to other animals. Except for the common Honeybee. The Beewolf abducts and paralyzes the unsuspecting bee, drags it into it’s cave and lays an egg on it’s head. Three days later, the bee watches as a larva hatches from the egg. A hungry larva, and bee’s on the menu. 72 hours after hatching the larva is mobile enough to start eating what happens to be around – aside from the poor, paralyzed (but still conscious) bee also white goo that mother beewolf squirted all over the cave. This goo is an antibiotic, or rather a bunch of microorganisms – let’s call them Frank – that produce antibiotics. These are necessary for the beewolf to develop. Without it, 95% of the larvae die and the last 5% are infertile and unable to dig a proper breeding chamber. The beewolf and Frank live in symbiosis.
The biggest problem of the beewolf is the gold wasp. This small son of an insect sneaks into the beewolf’s cave and lays an egg into a paralyzed bee when the wolf is not looking. Four days later – after the beewolf larva hatches, but before it is mobile enough to do anything – the gold wasp larva hatches and proceeds to eat everything around it, starting with the soft and delicious immobile beewolf larva. What an asshole. The gold wasp is a parasite to the beewolf.

Why did I put it here? Because. It’s part of my biology exam. Part of what I wrote and handed in, I might add.

A while ago I rendered a video, which I recently uploaded:

That’s not the first video of that kind, actually. I rendered and uploaded plenty of these, most of which are really, really similar (and the beginning is identical in all versions). Originally I intended to make this a longer animation with more rooms and such, following the robot floaty thing. But then I said screw it and uploaded this short thing on it’s own. Long animations take forever to render and I have neither a render farm nor anything that is even close to an up-to-date CPU.

And since no Gmod-content of mine is on EFM yet, here’s a few old comics:
(Note: While looking for those I realized I have almost 300 JPG files in the main folder of my webspace. Holy crap.)

Except for the Linux comic, those are all old. But they’ve never been here, so for EFM they’re new. Hoo-ray!

You happy now, Mythos? Content!

  1. Yay content! I honestly said “Holy shit, it’s a GMod comic” aloud – in ENGLISH! – when I saw those.

    Now for constructive criticism: the final punchline in “Car” is so ridiculous (especially because the girl is pointing out the obvious joke) that it manages to be funny. Amazing!

      • Althir
      • May 15th, 2011

      So I take it this is the kind of content you want? Okay. Since my Gmod works properly again, I might be able to deliver more of this one day.

      • Well, I don’t know how many people come here to read about Frank, so I dunno. I always thought more in the vein of game/TV/movie reviews and GMod comics, though. But hey, it’s a free blog.

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