Portal 2

I’m not playing it. And it’s pissing me the hell off.

Can’t afford it, which sucks, because just about everyone I know is playing it. As in, right f’ing now.

I have a simple schedule over the course of the year: Portal 2, F.3.A.R., Duke Nukem Forever (Heh, we’ll see about that.), Arkham City and finally, in November, Skyrim. But Portal will not happen, at least not within this month, which means next month I will not be able to acquire a copy of F.3.A.R., since my gaming budget for May will already have been used for Portal 2. This means in turn that Duke, lest he is shoved back another month, will also have to wait, until July. Luckily, Arkham City and Skyrim are a wee bit later than this, October and November, respectively.

On the bright side, I’ve found a pretty awesome site for Xbox-gamers:

True Achievements

True Achievements

That’s TrueAchievements. It’s a sort of community site, but with the added perk of accurately calculating how good you actually are.

You may know that Xbox 360 – Games have around fifty Achievements granting a total of one thousand “G”, or “Gamescore”. That’s a measurement unit for E-Penis. But how much said penis grows is determined by the developer (I think, prove me wrong) and often does not have much to do with how difficult an Achievement is to get. For example, the main questline in Oblivion is not hard at all (just tends to be quite tedious at times) and the final Achievement for that is still 110G, the entire questline grants you a whopping 310G. In general, Oblivion’s Achievements are not hard to get, as they are merely finishing the different questlines (aside from the main questline, all four guilds: Fighters, Mages, Thieves and Dark Brotherhood).

That’s where TrueAchievements comes in. Using a simple formula, it determines how much your Achievements are really worth. Using the actual Gamescore as a base, the TA-Score is calculated by determining how many of the registered members that own the game have earned the Achievement: The more people have the achievement, the less TA-Score you get (But never less than how much Gamescore you’d get for it. If every owner of the game has this Achievement and it’s worth 10G, you get 10 TA). This also means that your TA-Score is a more dynamic number, as more people getting your Achievements will reduce your score accordingly. If more people get the game and not the Achievement, your score rises. Gamescore is more static in that regard. My most valuable Achievement is “Gotta Sweep’em All” in Minesweeper Flags, which has a TA-Score four times the gamescore. Holy crap, that’s valuable. 60TA rather than 15G.  The Achievements to usually score least are those you can’t possibly miss early on in the game – such as getting your PIP-Boy 3000 in Fallout 3 or dismembering 20 limbs in Dead Space (a thing that should happen within the first level) at 1:1.

But there’s more! As you can see by the feed on my page above (which I set to “Only me” so noone else would show up), not only do you get your own feed (hehe), but you can write reviews. Which I like to do. Writing my review for Minesweeper Flags was indeed more fun than Minesweeper Flags itself is. The website is updated like twice per day (more frequently if you donate, which I won’t), so if you get an Achievement, it might very well not show up until the next day (which actually happened here – I got yet another Achievement, in Harm’s Way, which hasn’t yet shown up). To every game the site has a list of Achievements, often with user-written guides.

Above the feed you can see a lot of square images. A LOT. Those are score, ratio, rank, achievement completion, registering date, friends, completed games, reviews, review ratings, forum posts, comments and votes. Presumably there’s even more than that, but those are the ones in the picture above.

Just to clarify, I am not an Achievement whore. I just like that TA actually calculates how much your Achievements are really worth, which gives a fairly good impression of how good you really are. As for me, I am not very good. But I can live with that.

Fun fact: Mimas, one of Saturn’s moons, has a really big crater that makes it look like the Death Star. The crater, Herschel, was only discovered after Star Wars came out.

That’s not a moon!

  1. Stop advertising other sites! 😮

    I’m getting Portal 2 for PS3 this week, yay!

      • Althir
      • April 20th, 2011

      I hate you. So. Very. Much.

    • Althir
    • April 20th, 2011

    Mythos :

    Get off my lawn then!

    You don’t even have a lawn!

  2. Well althir, u can laugh at mythos face since psn is down!
    Wait i am using psn also…

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