Resulting from extreme boredom

I have nothing to talk about, really. It’s almost 10 pm, yet I am tired enough for midnight already, so I guess after writing this I’m going to bed. We’ll see about that. Or rather, I will see about that, since you don’t really have any way of seeing it. Or do you? You do, don’t you? Stop it, you’re creeping me out.

Two more days of school, then a few weeks without and finally four exams. Will I finally graduate and escape the hellhole they call “Gymnasium”? And no, this has nothing to do with sports. In Germany, a Gymnasium is a kind of school, could be considered the highest caste of high schools, the other two being Realschule and Hauptschule. Graduating from the Gymnasium earns something called “Abitur”, which is Latin and enables you do attend a university. Not that I wanted to, I’m sick of school. Seriously. After fourteen years of this bullshit I’ve had enough.

Recently, the army rejected me, because I failed a psychological test or something. Apparently, “killing people is a lot of fun” is not what they want to hear. Which leaves me with no real prospects for now and especially for this year, as essentially all apprenticeships are already taken (also, “apprentice” is just a fancy word for “slave”, at least in Germany) and I wouldn’t know where I would be able to work and, despite Mythos insisting that I can’t always have what I want, where I would want to work. I guess after the exams I will focus on writing more, a hobby I rarely exercise. I have plenty of stories in mind and on my hard disk, when changed a little and put in order (or even mixed up a little, it took me three views to get the timeline in Pulp Fiction right) that could be a hell of a novel.

Rooster Teeth, famous for making the Red vs. Blue machinima series (which Mythos dislikes. Shame on you, Mythos. Shame. On. You. It’s funny as hell.) also make something called “Achievement Hunter”, which is a video series showing how to get achievements in various Xbox 360 – games (which in turn also shows how to get the trophies on the PS3, as they are to my knowledge identical, at least in many cases). Today they released one for Homefront (a new shooter which looks suspiciously like a Modern Warfare clone, but for some reason all shooters do that nowadays) called Stairway to Heaven. Not a single word was said about Zeppelin. Damn you, Rooster Teeth! This video, or rather just it’s title, inspired me to once again try and learn the intro to Stairway. I haven’t perfected it yet, but I’m getting there. Just a few more years and… and I’ll be a few years older, I guess. Yeah, that makes sense.

Since this is the last week of school, a relatively new tradition from our school demands that every day has a different motto, which essentially means a certain clothing style or in many cases a costume of sorts. On Tuesday it was “fairy tales”. Being a provocative jerk and considering my disposition towards religion in general, I got myself a toga (which was actually just a really, really big bedsheet) and my hair and beard did the rest. I spent all day blessing people and preaching and I yelled at someone for blasphemy. That was fun. Luckily, I wasn’t crucified. Yet.

Tomorrow, it is Nerd, something for which I will not even do anything, since I am very much an actual nerd and do not adhere to the stereotypes usually associated to the term. Just do an image search for “Nerd” and you know what I mean. Today it was “camper”, a term which I at first connected with waiting in a corner wielding a sniper rifle. But for two obvious reasons this was not much of an option:

a) I do not own a sniper rifle

b) This would most definitely get me into a lot of trouble

So I went to school dressed just like I usually am on Wacken. That’s essentially the same way I dress every day, save for the pants and a few gimmicks ensuring the safety of my wallet, my beer and my retinas. How’s that “camper”, you ask? Well, Wacken consists of two parts: Heavy Metal and alcohol. The area also consists of two parts: The festival ground, where the metal is louder and the beer is expensive, and the camping ground, where my dad got so drunk in 2009 that he slipped, fell and almost broke his foot. Spent the rest of the festival sitting. Bummer. The camping ground is full of tents and cars. Thus “camper”.

Good news for me: Blender 2.5 is officially released! More accurately, it is 2.57 stable rather than the previous 2.56 Beta I used to get used to the new and completely redesigned interface. And by redesigned I mean that if you know the older interface used in 2.49, you’ll be pretty damn confused at first. 2.5 is not yet in the official Ubuntu repositories, though, and I do not expect that to happen for Lucid. Yet I refuse to upgrade, because Maverick introduced a very annoying glitch in the graphics driver and Natty won’t have Gnome for a standard user interface anymore. What an asshole. Luckily, Lucid is a Long Term Support release.

Fun fact: My cell phone, which doubles as my MP3-player (with headphones, of course) can play very much every MP3 I feed it. Except for Pink Floyd’s The Wall, which I guess is just too awesome for the phone to handle: It crashes every time the music player tries to play it, sometimes deleting all my playlists (though not the actual files, only the playlists. Hm.) – in the file manager, they work just fine.

  1. I didn’t say I dislike Red vs. Blue, I said I never watched more than five episodes!

      • Althir
      • April 13th, 2011

      I think I recall you saying it was too stupid for your taste. If that was the case, try the recollection series (seasons 6 to 8), which are jokes written into a story rather than a story written around jokes.

      • I dunno, maybe I did say so, but it’s odd, considering I enjoyed some I watched. I guess I just don’t remember the context.

        PS: Accounting sucks. It sucks hard.

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