The End of EFM


I know, it was obvious. I had no good ideas, nor would I have the time to do anything cool anyway.
In other news, according to fellow member Althir, I’m a jackass.

It saddens me terribly to do this, but I have to declare the end of this little site.

As you are probably aware, the site has had very little content ever since its conception during last year’s Summer. That, coupled with the lack of time from University work, led me to believe the right course of action would be to officially close the site.
Despite this, I am not done with comics. The site will be kept online for a further while I prepare a virtual curriculum vitae of my previous experiences as a comic maker and professional in skinning/hexing models. The idea is to find a professional, serious Garry’s Mod community that might be interested in recruiting me for its services, or at least going freelance. Keep your eyes peeled.

As a parting gift, though, I leave you something: the second part of SUBPRIME. Enjoy!

All the best,
Creator and CEO of EFM Ltd

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