Hey guess what

It’s Mythos’ birthday. Twentieth.

Now, what does that mean exactly? That Mythos has failed to die for two decades now. Hoo-fucking-ray. Someone managed to not die, we have to get the guy a gold medal!

Also, twenty means absolutely nothing. Except that your age now starts with a 2. There are no upsides such as drinking or driving – of course not at the same time, mind you – twenty is just a regular year without any consequences. I can’t tell for sure how the situation in Spain Portugal is, but in Germany one may drink beer and wine at age sixteen, smoke and drink “harder” stuff such as Vodka and Whiskey and, most of all, drive a car, at eighteen. After that, a birthday has little meaning except it is a “reason” to get drunk. So have fun celebrating this absolutely meaningless day, Mythos.

I still love you. You know it. I’ll never forget that night.

  1. D’awww!!
    That was probably the most honest assessment of a birthday I have ever seen, so thank you!
    Yes, I’ve failed to die for two decades, but I’m not giving up yet! One day I will finally manage to die, you’ll see. And my epitaph will be “Eh. He survived, I guess.”!

    Also, the part with Spain made me laugh, so kudos! 😉

    Thanks a bunch for chatting with me and caring enough to make a post about my birthday, man. (PS: I almost caught you on Steam last night, but you left after I said hello!) I appreciate it, I really do.

    Oh, also, my girlfriend says you’re awesome. I’m just surprised she wasn’t creeped out by that last line. I think I drank too much at night, because I have NO IDEA WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT. I DON’T WANT TO KNOW!

    I love you too, man. In a brotherly, completely heterosexual and platonic way.

      • Althir
      • March 25th, 2011

      I actually turned off the PC because ScummVM and CMI didn’t really appreciate running full screen and very much crashed. I figured that it was late enough and rather than booting up again, I went to bed, read a few chapters of I am Legend and fell asleep soon after.

      Also, a thing that I think I forgot in that post: Happy birthday.

    • SargentGunney
    • March 25th, 2011

    That was the most depresive post I’ve ever read.

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