A very special day

To me, at least. It’s my birthday! Yay!

Well, traditionally, I should be the one to receive the gifts, but screw that. I’ve been working on a new comic – yes, new content! -, and I’m releasing the first part today.
Now, the original plan was to release it complete as soon as possible, but I decided that, seeing as I could do enough to finish the introduction of the story, I’d release this on my birthday and then release a second part later. I realize that those who’re familiar with me know pretty well that I rarely finish comic projects, but hey, this is not a series or a big thing, but rather a big comic in the style of my first comic, What if the Combine Administrator was a Feminist (which isn’t publicly available any more, but I might fix that sometime!), so don’t worry. I will see this to completion (even if people hate it).

Now, if you want, go ahead and skip the rest of the text and go straight to the comic, but I’m gonna be talking about details regarding the release of the complete comic, so you might wanna hear it.
As you most likely now, I tried to release comics in .PDF form (you can still see the two previous releases on the Comics pages). It didn’t work as well as I wanted it to – awful loadings, errors, and overall an interesting, but unjustifiable complication. The fact that these comics are made to be enjoyable in pages doesn’t compensate for the trouble that people have to go through to just read it.
So, here’s how this one will go. I’ll release the first and subsequent parts (probably just one more, but I may still expand it) as regular .JPEG images, so you’ll have no trouble. But I intend to try the .PDF thing again, only, this time, there will be some justification. In the PDF will be extra content, from diverse covers to actual scrapped pages from the experiment that sparked this one and pictures of unreleased models, that, hopefully, will interest you enough to go to the trouble of opening the file. Think of it as a trade paperback of the comic.
Oh, and also, this comic will only be available elsewhere one day from now, i.e. March 26th. I’ll be doing this with all other comics. I don’t intend to make anything exclusive to EFM yet, but I make these for this site, so it’ll be available here sooner. If you like this and want to read the following parts sooner, you can just go and subscribe to the blog – there’s an option in the right sidebar to do that. We’d appreciate the interest!

So, okay, enough boring text, I guess. Here’s the first part of the comic! It’s called Subprime, it’s set in an alternate Half-Life 2 continuity, and it’s an experiment on my part. You see, it’s completely done in first-person, like the good old Half-Life style of storytelling. I hope you enjoy it!


Click to read the comic!

So, what did you think? Sound off in the comments below!

I’ll be quite busy the next two weeks, but I promise to get to work on the second part – or rather, “Episode Two” *wink wink* – right afterwards. And I’ll take a lot less time than Valve, too! Just you wait and see.

    • SargentGunney
    • March 26th, 2011

    Maybe it’s just me, but it could have used some kind of editing. Nothing to over-the-top. I say this because the FPS view gives it such a … “simple” look. I don’t want you to think I’m expecting some kind of futuristig HUD like Crysis 2, but you have to admit it needs a bit more spiceing up.

    The story should give an interesting twist in the HL2 univers.Wish I could say more, but this IS the first episode. One thing that really bothers me, is WHY the hell would Breen go to Nova. You were there Mythos. We fought at Nova Prospekt. If we werent fighting the Overwatch, we were up to our necks in antlion parts and zombies.

    As for this little experiment with the FPS view,
    don’t think it’s working out that well. The comic
    probably would have worked out better in a “classic” layout. Say like the one you did for the challenge on the BDU forum.

    And BTW. We don’t care about EP2. Episode 3, now that’s a
    different story. Talking about timeline here.

    • It’s supposed to be the point of view of Alyx Vance. I know you like filters and “elite” editing, but, if you’re like me, you don’t see the world with HUDs or fancy effects. So that’s what I was trying to achieve.
      Now, if I was simulating a videogame, I might add a heads-up display, but it’s supposed to be realistic. That means as little editing as possible.
      Still, there IS some editing. I guess you didn’t notice my attempts at simulating the eye adaptation of going from complete darkness to brightness, or they just weren’t that good. And the blue hue from the first scenes is editing, too, but it’s meant to be subtle. And no, it’s not just a “Hue” effect, it’s got more to it. ;P

      Funny you mention that, because it was actually a concern of mine while doing it. The very first attempts were actually set in the Citadel. Then I started thinking about how Nova Prospekt was where humans were converted into Combine soldiers or Stalkers, and I remembered when you go to the Depot and found Eli captured, then brought him to an interrogation room. That’s actually where the beginning is set, if you go check that room in-game.
      But yes, why would Breen go there? It makes little sense, seeing as he never even gets off his office in the games. Well, Alyx herself answered it: he’s there to gloat. He’s about to send Alyx to be brainwashed, and he wanted to meet her in person before the eventual transformation, just to brag in her face how he’s turning her against her father. You do know Breen loves to talk.

      I appreciate the feedback, Gunney. The PDF version will have some pages of my original attempt with a classic layout, too, because that was my first idea. Then I figured a first person view would work better. And, trust me, you’ll see why I thought that on the next parts. It helps build suspense.

    • SargentGunney
    • March 27th, 2011

    I found it strange that he left the citadel, considering Breen is the kind of person who puts other people to do his stuff for him. That and he has an army in the citadel.

    Even for gloating, it’s a bit strange, considering Alyx wont remember much, if anything at all.

    • True, but Breen also went to the trouble of openly mock Eli and Alyx over being sent off-world in front of Judith in Half-Life 2. And we both know how well that turned out.

      He’s silly like that. And, also, Nova Prospekt is just fine in this story. No Antlions here!

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