How do I shot web?

Recently, Althir, our newest contributor, implied that I don’t bother with creating content for our little, oft-stalled site. I resent that.

Due to these wild accusations and my own hurt pride, I decided to finally move ahead with one of my plans for the site – with the inclusion of Tutorials.
The plan is to steadily add a few tutorials to the site, related to either Garry’s Mod or something else that we can do. The Tutorials page will be available on the upper right corner for easy access, and the tutorials are going to be very friendly to inexperienced users.

I’ve already finished work on one tutorial – how to make comic layouts. That’s something a lot of people have trouble with, so I thought it might help you guys, whether you are new to this or have difficulties. It’s not strictly oriented towards Garry’s Mod, either, but I used GMod screenshots for the example. This particular tutorial is oriented towards Adobe Photoshop, though, but we might add one for GIMP later, if any of our esteemed contributors have the elusive know-how.

So, yeah. 4522 words and 72 images – say again who doesn’t bother posting?

Obviously, I’m the only one doing these right now, but all our authors are welcome to do these – I think I’m the only one that can create pages now, but I’ll work on that. Tell me if you’re interested in doing some, staff.
I’m planning on making a basic “How to skin and hex in Source” tutorial, next with the skinning part in Photoshop. We have an experienced skinner here, Lt_Commander, so maybe he’ll want to do some advanced techniques later on.

Well, I think that’s all, for now. Any suggestions for tutorials? Go ahead and sound off in the comments!

    • Althir
    • March 4th, 2011

    Yeah. Me. The cheapass version of yours, requiring absolutely no money as long as one has a computer to use. So money can’t be used as an excuse. Also, the PhotoShop/GIMP ratio in editing tutorials is overall pretty lousy.

    • Althir
    • March 4th, 2011

    Also, let me quote the character from the HL series I am second least likely to want around my offspring:
    “Not that I wish, to imply you have’ve been sleeping.”
    Look at my own blog, dude. That thing is in a fucking coma.

    • Uh, what’s that got to do with anything?

        • Althir
        • March 4th, 2011

        Means I meant not to be condescending. Also that I have to turn on that “brain” thing before writing, apparently.

  1. Althir :

    Means I meant not to be condescending. Also that I have to turn on that “brain” thing before writing, apparently.

    Ah, okay! I get it now.
    No, I know, you were just telling the truth! The site really is pretty quiet without you here.

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