Monkey Island: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Monkey What? That movie was called Pirates of the Carribean, you dumb fuck!

–Probably you, reading the title.

Well, yes.

But let me jump thirty years into the past.

In 1981, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg took elements from two Disney comics (both of which Carl Barks produced, I might add. That guy was great.) for the opening scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark. I am not even going to explain it, because, hey, you know it. I know you do. Everyone knows it.

In 2003, Disney took revenge by shamelessly ripping off the 1991 LucasArts (back then Lucas Film Games) point and click masterpiece The Secret of Monkey Island. Let me just sum up one of the two for you.

It is a pirate story. A young man goes on a quest to find his loved one, a young woman abducted by an evil, undead pirate captain to an island that can only be found by those who know where it is. Over the course of the story, the man itself becomes a pirate, sails to the previously mentioned island and greatly contributes to defeating the evil, undead pirate captain.

Now tell me which one I just described. One hint: Both. Just that Monkey Island came twelve years earlier. Some details are different, of course: The main character from MI, Guybrush Threepwood, was split into William Turner, Jr. and Capt. Jack Sparrow in Pirates and the prison scene in the beginning isn’t actually from The Secret of Monkey Island at all. Does that mean…? Yes. They mostly took it from Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge. Captain can’t-spell-it, LeChuck in the games, is a zombie something in the movie, yet a “regular” ghost in Secret of MI. BUT! in LeChuck’s Revenge he is, guess what, a freaking zombie. The by far biggest part of the first movie is ripped off from that poor, old game (which has recently been re-released in a “Special Edition”, by the way. I do not approve of the voice acting or the change in style, but since the original graphics are still present, I do highly recommend it.) for no good reason other than, what? Oh, yes. The core material really had no story to provide. It’s an attraction at Disneyland. Which would make for a piss-poor movie and thus they grabbed themselves a story and thought nobody would notice. But I, being a huge nerd and counting the first two Monkey Island games to my personal favorites of all time, did. So screw you, Disney. Or rather, thank you for making an enjoyable movie adaption of Monkey Island!

P.S.: Yes, I am aware that I appear to be the only contributer at this time. But fear not. Mythos is around, he just doesn’t bother writing blog posts. He probably has better things to do. But I do not have aynthing to do at all, so there’s that.

  1. Hey, I’m working on skins, models and plans for comics! I’m just contributing behind-the-scenes, like I usually do.

    Fun and great post. Also, it’s awesome to know I’m not the only one here who’s read stuff by Carl Barks, mythical creator of Scrooge McDuck.
    I admit, I never played any of Monkey Island, although I do love pirate stories (and Pirates of the Caribbean). All I know of the game is that it has an incredible sense of humor and the quote “how appropriate, you fight like a cow”.

    • SIN
    • March 7th, 2011

    Hey, it’s nice to know that Heart Attack is still alive. I was assuming you had a heart attack yourself. Anyways, I pretty much liked your post. I never really saw it from the perspective, that MI is actually Pirates of the Carribean (or the other way round). One thing I noticed though is that William didn’t really want to become a pirate at first. While Guybrush on the other hand wanted to become a pirate right at the beginning of the game.

    But still nice post and nice to have you here. One more person who posts stuff on the blog.

      • Althir
      • March 8th, 2011

      Well, I think I remember writing that they split Guybrush into both Will Turner and Jack Sparrow. Let me check… yes, I did.
      And some more research revealed this:
      Monkey Island was originally inspired by the mentioned Disneyland ride. Also, there was supposed to be a movie at one point, which was cancelled. The guy who was to write the script later wrote Pirates. Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge on the other hand is mostly inspired by a novel, “On Stranger Tides”. If that sounds familiar, that is because it is. That’s the title of the fourth Pirates movie, which is also based on the novel.

      So many connections! Holy crapness!

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