This, as opposed to what Mythos and any other Portuguese may think, has nothing to do with… ach, if you’re Mythos or from Portugal you know it. Who’d do that to a bee, you sick bastard?

Well, now… Bicobee. The word itself means absolutely nothing. I wrote an algorithm that spat out random letter combinations and that is what I got.

Bicobee screenshot


Yeah, very much. That is probably my first real 3D-game. Before that there were simple mechanisms where one threw balls at boxes and even a rather sucky pool billiard game that didn’t really work too well. But this one… ooh. It has real-time shadows, it has lots of physics and it has a ridiculous name! Har-har!

But, about the game. You control the blue ball (yeah, how original) through a maze (I’ve heard that before, dickhead) and when the ball spins (which it does just about every time you hit something) your view follows it not only in location, but also in rotation. (wait, what?) That is right: Your camera spins as well. This makes it pretty damn confusing, especially in levels where colliding is not optional (such as levels with crate barriers).

Yeah. Okay, well, that video is relatively old and doesn’t really show much of the important stuff, such as level transitions and time limit and shit. But! there is a demo. Awesome! Well, not really a demo. It’s the tutorial levels, which happen to be the only part I finished so far.

Get it here!

That is quite literally the source code to the tutorial levels. So, if you want to play, you need Blender 3D 2.49b which luckily is available on Windows, Linux and Mac, so feel free to download that (it is free, don’t worry.) and play Bicobee. Why it is the source code, you ask? Well, because I only have the Linux client of Blender 3D and for the love of it I can’t figure out how to compile a Windows executable with that thing. Also, more important, the .blend file is considerably smaller than the Linux runtime (and thus probably far, far smaller than the Windows runtime, which, according to my sources, also needs a crapload of extra files to work correctly.)

  1. For those of you confused, “bico” is Portuguese slang for “blowjob”.

    This seems epic, I’ll have to give it a try when I can.

      • Althir
      • February 27th, 2011

      That makes honey a whole lot more disgusting, eh? Hehehe.

      • Ha! True, true.
        I should state, though, that “bico” also means “beak” in Portuguese; it’s the actual translation. And yet, my mind immediately related the name to oral sex instead of a bird’s body part. I’m perverse like that.

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