Raging Insanity

No, this is not about my mental status. At least I hope it isn’t.

In my introduction I mentioned occasionally writing stories. Now, as opposed to some of my fellow “collaborators” (a term which is to be used carefully here), I don’t usually adapt my stories to GMod-comics. I mean, I did that once. And I think I could do it with these. But I don’t want to. Using pictures allows you to turn off your imagination to some extent.

“Raging Insanity” was the working title of the first story in the new set of short stories which I wrote/am writing/will write. I later dubbed it Carl, since, you know, that name sort of works better.

This picture illustrates what has been written by now, what is in the works and what yet has to be written. Might not even be complete.

Story Tree

Story Tree

The green ones are done and published. In chronological order, those were Carl, Blank Stare and Diving. I also have a basic outline for the rest of the stories, especially those in the horizontal line in the center, which revolve around one character in particular. The two yellow ones are already partially written, the red one is only a concept and the grey ones… are little more than ideas, really.

Stay tuned for further stories!

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