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I decided to change EFM’s blog theme, since the original didn’t really work and most people found it unpleasant and confusing. Hopefully, the new one, Monochrome, is better received. Sound off in the comments on whether you like the change.
I think this is also the right time to talk about the site – specifically, whether or not it has a future, and what my plans for it are.

I don’t really need to point out that the site is mostly inactive. If there’s anyone to blame, it’s obviously me – I haven’t put enough work and dedication on it. Truth be told, I do have ideas and wishes for it, but that’s not enough; and, unfortunately, my life doesn’t really leave me much time to work on it, and, when I do have free time, I’d rather spend it with people than sitting in front of a computer screen making a website. It’s also obvious that the only person that really is disappointed by this is myself, seeing as it hasn’t gotten anywhere major yet.
So, where does that leave you – the reader? Well, if you do find the little that’s here interesting, you can simply subscribe to it on the sidebar on the right, and check it whenever there’s a new post available. We’re not exactly the most active group in the world, so you won’t be annoyed very much, and we appreciate the attention.

I love Garry’s Mod comics. I can’t really find much interest in building, and playing with NPCs is only fun for a little bit, but I still enjoy reading and making comics. Unfortunately, I also believe we’re a dying breed, so to speak. I see a lot of new comics on certain sites, but most of them have no quality whatsoever, and clearly no effort put into making them, much less planning.
I wanted EFM to be a way of reuniting some good comic makers to create new content, and, at the same time, diverge a bit from Garry’s Mod and talk about more general stuff, such as movies and videogames. Obviously, it was to begin small, with a handful of guys I know can come up with great stuff. And while they haven’t done much here, I don’t blame them. They’ve got a lot on their hands right now and less interest in coming up with stuff for Garry’s Mod or writing articles.

That said, I’d like to add that I’m not done with this. Even if little by little, I’ll keep working on this, and maybe someday I’ll come up with something noteworthy enough, like new series or smart articles.
I’d also like to introduce, to my great pleasure, a new member of the EFM group – Althir, a.k.a. HeartAttack, has joined us! Besides being a great comic maker, he’s also working on his own completely original content, such as the videogame Scribble.

Now, onto upcoming plans. Well, like usual, I’m working on comics – but, as you’ve probably figured by now, I say that a lot and rarely come through. I’m hoping to make a simple one this week and start one or two series to be updated occasionally, but really, it depends on my schedule.
On a longer-term scale, I think it’s time to come clean. It’s always been my plan to make a forum and dedicate the site on working with the community. Sadly, I had some trouble working on the forum and didn’t find enough interest on starting a brand new community, but things are changing. There’s only one real Garry’s Mod-oriented community still standing firm, so, with a great leading group and motivation, there’s the potential to really grow and become big.
If you want a Management metaphor, here’s one – right now, the market is pretty forgotten but has plenty of potential life on it, and it’s ruled by a big monopoly with little to no interest in quality. If I could get everyone organized and people wanted to work with me, we could seize that market and become the new Big Thing. This might make me sound power-hungry, but I’m not – I want to make a community site for the community. I miss having a good GMod site with great people making comics every week or so, and I assumed (perhaps correctly) I might have to be the one to start it. I just don’t know if I can.

If the team was active and the site popular and successful, then we’d make a forum and invite everyone. Then we’d focus on it – we’d keep the blog and the staff would keep posting their stuff there, but we’d pick the best community content and present it on the front page. Like a Comic of the Week and/or Custom Content of the Week sort of thing.
Also, one of my big wishes would be to have an annual celebration – the GMod comics equivalent of the Academy Awards. It’s not really an original idea of mine, as some Facepunch members used to do it, but it was a really good one and it was apparently discontinued. I’d love to bring it back for the community.

Anyway, this is all talk, of course, and right now I need to focus on the present. I’m going to see what I can do with the comics I have and what I can plan ahead, and I’ll let you know what I get. Until then, people keep an eye out for us, okay? Thanks!

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