Bodygroups and YOU

Here’s a fun little comic I did partially as a public service announcement for the bodygroup tool. If you don’t know what the bodygroup tool is or how it works, you’ll soon learn!

Bodygroup changer stool can be found at:

Enhanced citizens with bodygroups can be downloaded here:

  1. And here I was thinking I was the only member that still actually checked the site, let alone update (though I haven’t had much time to do so).

    Good job, man! I actually had an idea to do some GMod tutorials for the site, and this could be a part of it.

  2. I’ve also had the idea to update my personal skin (seeing as no one but me has the “2010” model, although nobody really cares either, heh), and I was thinking of using bodygroups, because I have three new variants. I did try to make my own model two months ago after reading the Valve Developers Community wiki, but I couldn’t even decompile the model. Sucks being a n00b.

    I guess I’ll go ask BlooCobalt for permission to use his model. Still, it’s got way too many options – I don’t really need a beanie. Is there any way of editing it? Except making the materials invisible, which I can.

    • You might wanna ask him if he could make a stripped down of it for you. Given that you’re not asking for anything new, it wouldn’t be a big request.

      • Yeah, I might do that once I have time – about a month from now, because, in the meantime, I’ve got college exams to worry about. It’d be the right time to organize this site, too, and add some content. I’ve spent the past two months preparing a series, and hopefully I might get it started once I have time. Then again, I always say that. =P

        Also, it was amusing to find a “male_10” in the Enhanced Citizens pack, given that it was one of my ideas. Nice addition!

  3. Oh, by the way, I picked up the enhanced Male_02 and hexed him into an enhanced variant of a character I’m working on.
    The physics are crap in those models, and the enhanced Male_02 is thinner. So nothankyou.jpg. I don’t want an “enhanced” personal skin either.

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