EFM News: Lt_Commander joins the Staff

After an apparently very good start, things have slowed down slightly here at EFM, but that doesn’t mean the surprises and news aren’t coming! It’s just the calm before the storm, trust me.

Right now, I’d like to announce an exciting addition to our growing Staff: Lt_Commander, an old-school Garry’s Mod user with various credits in comic making and modelling, has joined our small but motivated group of contributors.
Personally, this development makes me feel like my GMod experience is coming full circle, as my first publicly-released comic, back in September of 2007, had a “Special Thanks” directed at Lt_C, for the use of one of his models as the main character. It’s fun to get to know and work with him now, after so many years.

Lt_Commander’s resumé of Garry’s Mod content will soon be added to our currently empty Models page. Whenever he uploads a new model online, you’ll get a news update here on EFM, so keep an eye out for valuable additions to your GMod experience!

Right now, our team is comprised of myself, having created the site and released two comics recently, Looshkin, who not only scripts “Prologue to History“, but also contributes with his “WoW: Cataclysm” previews, SIN, who… well, hasn’t really done anything yet, but he will eventually, and, of course, Lt_Commander, the newest addition. I fully intend to add more members as time goes, but, for now, we’ll work with a small team.

On an unrelated but relevant note, my university year has recently begun. Unfortunately, this will likely mean fewer updates from me, and longer waiting between new comics and articles. My sincere apologies for this; I wish I could choose my real-life schedule, but it’s not up to me. I’ll make it up to you eventually, and the rest of the team is creative enough to work while I’m busier, so keep visiting EFM!

    • SargentGunney
    • September 28th, 2010

    I’m cool with that.

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